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Ethiopian Yirgacheffe (Africa)
Ethiopian Yirgacheffe (Africa)
Ethiopian Yirgacheffe (Africa)

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe (Africa)

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Origin: Ethiopia

Process: Washed

Region:  Kochere, Yirgacheffe

Varietal: Heirloom

Altitude: 1900 – 2000 meters

Cupping Notes: The Zero Defect Sorting, which takes 3 times longer than other coffees from the region, makes for an enhancement of cup clarity and further intensification of this coffee's aroma of black tea, peach sweetness, and grapefruit acidity. 

These cupping notes are relative to light roast profiles. As the roast profile darkens toward medium to medium/dark, these notes will be slightly eclipsed, resulting in more sweetness and roasted flavor. Once the french roast profile is attained, most of the aforementioned cupping notes will be difficult to detect.

About this Coffee: Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is said to be the finest of Ethiopian coffees. This exceptionally complex Ethiopian from the Kochere region of Yirgacheffe, is the product of many small farmers’ heirloom varietal coffee being processed immaculately.